How to make a Symbol(XYM)'s desktop wallet and how to delegated harvesting

This article describes the following items:

  1. How to download Symbol Desktop Wallet
  2. How to set up a wallet
  3. How to do Delegated harvesting

Anyone should be able to do it if you follow the instructions :)Let's do it!!

* Delegated harvest can be done with a mobile app, but it seems that there are still many bugs at present, so we recommend the desktop one.

[How to download the latest Symbol desktop wallet]

Please download from this link. Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Releases · nemgrouplimited/symbol-desktop-wallet · GitHub

There is a download link at the bottom.

Please start up it when you can download it.

[How to make a wallet]

Then you will see a screen like this.

The language can be changed in the upper right, so choose your favorite language.

A new wallet will be created, so click "Create new profile" at the bottom right of the password.

Then select "Create mnemonic".

Enter a profile name : The name of the wallet. Please do as you like!

Select a Network type : Symbol Mainnet

Password: Use letters and numbers

Click "Next" when you done.

Move the mouse a lot. Then the gauge will be 100%.

Next, you will move on to the mnemonic backup item, but since this mnemonic is very important, click "Display mnemonic words", and after the mnemonic is displayed, be sure to click "Download".

If you lose your wallet, you will use this mnemonic to restore it, so once you download it, keep it in a safe place and do not show it to anyone.

In the next item, use the mnemonic you downloaded earlier. An image like this should have been downloaded to your PC's download location.

Please select in order while looking at the "Your Symbol Mnemonic" part. Click Next when you are done. It's almost over.

Check the Terms and Conditions & Privacy policy and click "Finish"! 

Congratulations! The wallet is complete!

[How to do Delegated Harvesting]

Next, I will explain how to do delegated harvesting. The Symbol design takes some time, but it's super easy.

When you start the wallet, you will see a screen like this.

Since your Symbol address is written in the purple part, please remit 10,000 XYM or more from some exchanges.

There is a small fee, so it is safe to have more than 10,100 XYM instead of just 10,000 XYM.

After confirming the payment, wait 12 hours and you will be able to perform delegated harvesting. So let's sleep here!


12 hours later

Did you sleep properly? Sleep is important.

By the way, after 12 hours or more, the importance value of the account tab should not be 0%. Then OK. Delegated harvest can be done.

Open the Harvesting tab and copy "" into the node URL field. (This is my node. There is still space in the delegation limit, so please use it.)

If you copy and paste, "" will also appear at the bottom, so click it!

Finally, press "Link All Keys", wait for a while, and press "Activate" to complete the delegated harvest setting!

It is OK if the harvesting status on the upper left becomes "ACTIVE"

If it doesn't take effect after a day, I recommend reconnecting to another node.

If you have any questions, please go to Twitter!

Thank you for your hard work (^^)

✳︎If the delegation harvest settings don't work, restarting the Symbol wallet seems to work. please try it!


  1. Hello. Thanks for the guide, it is very well explained.
    Question: Can a node be set up with several wallets that do not have 10K XYM?

    For example: I only have 2000 XYM, but together with 3 other users, we get to 11500 XYM. Can you set up a node and distribute the harvest without the risk of fraud?

    1. Hello. Thank you for your question.

      I think you can do it by preparing one Symbol wallet and sending all XYM to that Symbol wallet for everyone to manage.

      If you do, do it with people you can trust :)

    2. Hello. Thanks for the reply.

      Sure. That I imagine as an alternative. Create a single wallet where the three of us deposit our XYMs and trust in the management of the custody of the funds and the distribution of the harvest.

      But my doubt is that it can be achieved without the obligation of trust... as if it were a SmartContract within the node, that understands what each account contributes and what it should pay for the harvest.


    3. OK!

      Anyway, you can set it up exactly as it is written. Tell me if you have any other problems with Harvest!

      Thank you:)

  2. Complete article in Russian


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